22 . March . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hair is an integral part of your personality. A fresh haircut, a new style or just a hair wash can perk you up and feel renewed. What happens when you start losing hair? What when your scalp starts showing through? It can be devastating. And just as quickly as a haircut picks your day up, uncontrollable hair loss can shatter your confidence.

The market is flooded with solutions. From ‘magical’ hair oils that promise you hair regrowth overnight to shampoos to spa treatments. You get advice (mostly unsought!) from everyone around you on how to solve the issue. You desperately start experimenting with every option in front of you. Perhaps even making matters worse without realising!

Question is: Which option to go with? Will the solution take care of the problem once for all? Will it cover your scalp permanently?

The best way to ensure that the option you pick is trustworthy, effective and helps you get the desired results, is to take consult a Hair Doctor. After all, who knows hair better?
A Trichologist will invest time in understanding your lifestyle, your diet, your needs, study your hair & scalp condition and help you on the right path forward.

RichFeel, the largest exclusive Hair Clinic network, offers multiple options to it’s patients, after thorough analysis & consultation, to handle all hair & scalp concerns, including baldness.

If you are looking for an instant fix, then RichFeel is where you need to head. RichFeel’s Anacover is one of the most non-invasive, hassle-free, permanent solutions to restore the scalp cover.

Let’s understand this treatment better.

What is Richfeel Anacover Treatment?

Richfeel Anacover is a revolutionary Instant Permanent Scalp Cover (IPSC) treatment that uses a technique from Israel, pioneered in India by RichFeel.
This treatment is intended to give natural, filled up scalp for people who have thin or scanty hair. It can also be used as a combined solution with a hair transplant to provide additional density.

How does RichFeel Anacover Treatment work?

Anacover treatment is from Israel and uses the IPSC technique. It is a highly advanced 2-hour treatment, which provides both non-invasive and hassle-free instant permanent scalp cover.

The treatment is performed by injecting a highly specialised derma pigment through different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles and distribution rates depending on the specific area of the scalp being treated, the skin tone of the individual and the desired final appearance.

The remarkable thing about Anacover is that the results are immediate and enables the best scalp cover treatment.

Anacover is applied over 1 or 2 sessions to create the most natural appearance possible. The treatments are conducted in a safe, sterile environment involving a single-use roller with a unique specification. The pigments are specially formulated in Israel and available in different shades to achieve the perfect blend of shades that can exactly match your remaining ‘real’ hair. The entire process is supervised by very qualified & richly experienced doctors.

Who should go for RichFeel Anacover treatment?

Anacover is a highly advanced new hair and scalp treatment for those who want to improve the condition of their scalp. It is also for people suffering from general hair loss, early stages of baldness in women, late stages of baldness in men where they would like to maintain a fresh crew cut, Hair transplant cases where desired density has not been achieved, various forms of Alopecia and even those looking to camouflage scalp scars. The treatment also helps in achieving fuller eyebrow and reconstruction of nipples for breast cancer patients.

What makes Anacover unique?

It is a specialised technique devised for recreating the natural appearance of real hair follicles. It uses derma pigments and application methods that are specifically designed to create the most realistic illusion of hair possible and is one of the most advanced hair & scalp treatments in the world.

Anacover is much more than a hair loss treatment. It’s a new way of life.
So go ahead and book an appointment with your nearest Clinic & experience RichFeel Anacover edge.


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