We have been seeing hairloss problems in men more commonly than in women and it has been seen that every third male suffers from hairloss problems. Before you continue reading this article grab this amazing free package…

This article will guide on how to stop hair loss in men so go through each of the points very carefully and also apply them to its best to get the best possible results.

Hair loss problems in men

Balding on the scalp full of hair is very common amongst males due to the presence of the hormone testosterone in them which further gets converted in Di-hydro testosterone.

In males the moment they start showing hair loss symptoms they should immediately meet the trichologist to get started with the right treatment.

Hair loss care and its treatment is quiet holistic in its approach which includes not only certain tricho-active external applications, food supplements and treatments but it would also include certain dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Measure to prevent hair loss in men

In fact why wait for the worst to begin as hairloss problems itself get diagnosed at a stage when you have already lost around 20 to 30% of hair so ideally one should be keen to know its chances for suffering from hair loss in future and based on which should start with an appropriate treatment and care and this hold especially true for those who have got family history of hairloss.

There is a golden test termed as Hair Dx test which helps one to know the risk of his to suffer from hair loss in men so that they can know ways on how to stop hair loss in men and start with the same at its earliest.

Depending upon the results of the test the trichologist will guide you on how to deal with the hair loss accordingly.

Treatment for hair loss in men

If you want to know how to stop hair loss in men then you need to meet the trichologist. The treatment not only focuses on delaying the process of hair loss but it also helps in improving the present condition with variable options which are present today (Various surgical and non- surgical options for treating hair loss in men).

Many a times it has been observed that the hair loss problem in men and the dandruff on hair and scalp goes hand in hand and in such cases one needs to treat both the problems simultaneously as they both may share the same cause (DHT which has an effect on the hair roots in the fronto-vertex region giving hair loss and the sebaceous glands making them more active and leading to oily dandruff ).

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