How to Reduce Hair Loss – Unlikely Factors

Can you really stop hair loss? Are you one of them who is really worried about hair loss? Is this question hammering your mind always?

Let us gather some important information and tips on how to reduce hair loss. There are different factors due to which hair loss happens and this is what is highlighted in this article. This article will highlight on the causes of hair fall in different age groups…

1) How to reduce hair loss in teenagers? – These days teenagers are getting addicted to smoking due to which they start losing hair at an very early age without even realizing it. The addiction of nicotine is very hazardous not only for overall health but specifically hair too. Smoking causes the blood vessels of the scalp to decrease in its diameter which further causes the hair follicles to die off.

Hair Loss in men is mostly caused due to this addiction of smoking. Men who have a history of baldness have more chances of hair loss and hence should avoid smoking. For the healthy growth of hair one should also have healthy food but the teenagers these days have lots of junk food which has a great effect on hair.

2) How to reduce hairloss in elderly people? – Elderly patients mostly fall prey to cancer. Patients who are suffering from cancer are at a higher risk of hair loss due to chemotherapy given to them to cure cancer. The hair loss is generally seen during the chemotherapy sessions. Once the treatment is finished the hair starts regrowing after 3 months.

Some people also lose hair from other parts of the body like armpit, pubic and eyebrows during the treatment. As elderly people also suffer from chronic illnesses it further adds to their hair problems.

3) How to reduce hairloss in children – Children are really very prone to infections and heavy dose of antibiotics are given very frequently to treat it. Having a good diet is also very important as it helps them to grow their hair follicles positively.

There are many ways of reducing hair loss with home remedies which are generally discussed by the grandmas like making hair packs of natural and ayurvedic substances like henna, amla, shikakai and so on. Massaging with different kinds of medicated oil to reduce hair loss is also a very commonly given advice.

But what one needs to understand her is that though they may help you to some extent but it will not be able to help you permanently. To get the best results you need to first find out the cause of the hair fall with the help of proper diagnostic methods and then treat the root cause of the problem.

HairLoss treatment with home remedies should be generally avoided and has to be replaced by meeting an expert. Visit a trichologist at a Richfeel clinic to know more about how to reduce hair loss and to treat your hair and scalp concerns. Richfeel has its branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. Visit your nearest branch right away to treat all your hair issues in the best manner…

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