Myths revealed…
One of the very common myth that most of us share with each other with regards to how to increase growth of the hair is that when the hair is tied too tight it increases the growth of the hair.

It is for sure that tying hair too tight will not increase hair growth in fact it can lead to traction alopecia in the long run so one should definitely not follow it.

Also many people feel that if they apply oil on a continuous basis then their hair growth would increase subsequently which is once again a myth.

Oiling the scalp will nourish the scalp and also condition it but it will by no means increase the growth of the hair if it is applied continuously in fact if it is kept for a very long time it may lead to dandruff.

If you are really interested in knowing about how to increase the growth of the hair then it is better that you meet the trichologist who will first examine your case and then give you the right guidance.


Good diet and right hair supplements increases hair growth –

As we feel that hair is an external organ it may not be related to the diet and supplements that we have on a regular basis.

What one needs to understand is that hair growth can be compared to the growth of a plant which simply means that if it is watered well and fertilized well it will definitely grow in the best way.

The same logic can also be applied to the hair growth.

External treatments increases hair growth –

Many of the patients visit the trichologist with a query as to how to increase the growth of the hair and for them Anagrow treatment stands to be the best answer.

You can actually experience faster and longer Hair Growth every month with Anagrow treatment after the six months of treatment.

Also for the patients who have undergone surgical procedures in the past can get fast hair growth post transplant after anagrow treatment.

The treatment is termed as surgical anagrow for them and the sittings are stretched over a year to get desired results. The details of the treatment can be best revealed with the help of the trichologist so make sure to meet the trichologist to get the best results.

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