Want To Learn How To Grow Hair Naturally, Try Anagrow

Do you want to know how to grow hair naturally then make sure to read this article carefully.

Anagrow is a combination of two things one is the PCT rejuve MAX and the other being the RF Anagain 10X. Anagrow basically is is answer to your question about how to grow hair naturally.

Actually the RF Anagain is a machine which helps in the transdermal hair follicular penetration of the PCT rejeve MAX fluid which has got active plant stem cells extract in it.

In this article we will understand the functions of each of the active ingredients which are used in the treatment of Anagrow.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract – It actually helps the epidermal stem cells to maintain its characteristics and it also helps in replenishing the dying cells.

This is the reason why it helps in delaying the ageing process by 50% and it also helps in lowering down the hair follicular regression by 50%.

Argan Tree Stem Cell Extract – While carrying out experiments in vitro it was found that it actually helps in inducing the formation of new hair follicles which is the reason why it increases the hair follicular penetration and it also helps in vitalizing and protecting the dermal hair papilla on the human scalp.

Pea Sprout Extracts – There were findings about it stimulating the dermal papilla to induce growth of new hair follicle and it also reactivates hair growth by reducing the amount of hair in the telogen phase and also stimulating the anagen hair.

Due to these qualities it can actually prolong the life cycle of the hair by increasing the growth of the existing hair by 85%, reducing the hairfall by 56% and it also restores the hair regeneration of the existing hair by 78%.

Nano Lipobelle Q 10 using neno emulsions – It was found out that it helps in the growth of dermal papilla cells and thereby it also helps in the growth of the hair in vitro.

It re-energizes hair follicle cells thereby stimulating growth and increase volume and density by proliferating human hair follicular cells

These stem cells extract together helps the hair to become thicker therefore answers your question how to grow hair naturally.

The Anagrow treatment is completely non-invasive in its nature as the anagain machine helps in easy transition of the stem cells extract transdermally to the lowest layer of the skin.

The treatment has to be done as per the prescription of the trichologist and along with the active session one is also required to use an Anagrow home care kit which also helps to a great extent in giving the desired results.

Whether you will benefit from Anagrow sessions and the end results that you can attain after following the Anagrow treatment can be best told to you by the trichologist after examining you thoroughly.

Anagrow grows hair thicker,faster and naturally, infact it is one of the Natural Ways For Increasing Hair Growth but it does grow hair on a bald patch so if you want to know How to Grow hair for bald men then you need to know more about transplantation.

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