How To Control Hair Loss At Its Earliest

A Test To Know Whether Will You Turn Bald In Future? Before that you can know how to control hair loss with this wonderful test

Hair Dx Genetic Tests For Men – Know ways about how to control hair loss if it is in your genes.

The most advanced Hair Dx Genetic Tests would predict the risk of one suffering from the hair problem of Hair Loss or Hair Thinning in one, following which the trichologist can give you ways as to how to control hair loss if you are at a high risk.

The individuals who have got a genetic history of Androgenetic Alopecia should definitely go for this test especially after they have crossed their puberty age group.

By the time one shows the signs of Hair thinning almost 50% of your hair could be already lost and in this problem the hair once lost can never be gained back again unless and until you go for a Surgical option like the FUE or FUT.

In fact most of the hair treatments which are approved by the FDA are able to preserve the existing hair and not on re-growing the lost hair.

So after knowing these facts I am sure that you would really want to know your chances to turn bald in future if your mom or your dad is suffering from baldness.

So here it is, there is a test called as Hair Dx which will help in predicting your hair loss problem before you can see any visible hair loss pattern and it works on the following principles.

This Hair Dx test for male pattern hair loss reports the presence or absence of a peculiar variation in the Androgen receptor gene.

A positive test result means that a man has a high risk of suffering from this Male Pattern Thinning problem, in fact they have upto 80% chance of suffering from this Male Pattern Thinning problem in future. For such patients it is really very important that they meet up with their trichologist regularly so that they are exposed to ways as to how to control hair loss at its earliest.

For such individuals a trichologist can start taking preventive measures right away like following the right kind of external applications, a diet useful for this hair problem and may also start with supplements if required after the puberty age.

In contrast the one who tests negative for the variant AR gene have upto 90% chance of not suffering from this hair problem.

Hair Dx Genetic Tests For Women For Knowing Their Androgen Sensitivity

In females this test is helpful in a different way altogether. It helps in choosing the correct line of treatment by the doctor as the trichologist can determine what sort of treatment will work the best for the female patient suffering from female pattern thinning.

The patients whose androgen sensitivity test comes to be positive benefit from the anti-androgen therapies which include the finasteride, spironolactone etc…

This test is really helpful to solve your problem as to how to control hair loss in males and females.

If you want to know that how to Control Hairfall and Hair Loss as well as Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) and also tips for controlling hairfall naturally then all you need to do is consult a trichologist and get the hair analysis done as well as your capilloscopic examination done.

Following all these the trichologist will suggest the right kind of treatment for you.

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