How Hair Grows – Get The Facts Right Away

Most of the females want their hair to grow too long and often they do complaint of not having good growth since beginning or complaints of scanty hair growth off lately.
To get yourself treated to increase the length of the hair you need to first understand how hair grows primarily and to give you a clear picture on how hair grows we have mentioned the points below so go through each of these very carefully.

The speed at which hair grows – It is really very important for one to know the speed average at which the length of the hair grows which comes to half an inch per month (1 to 2 cms a month or 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm a day).

Factors that increases and decreases hair growth – Now that you how hair grows it is really very important for you to know about the factors that increases and decreases hair growth.

Hormones – Female hormones generally have a favorable effect on the growth of the hair whereas the male hormones have a negative effect on the hair growth. Also hormonal issues like the diabetes, thyroid, PCOD lead to hair loss and stunted hair growth.

Genetics – Genes also play a very important role in the growth of the hair.

Stress – Stress is one of the primary factors which lead to many hair problems hair loss being one.

Diet – A poor diet leads to hair problems especially which lacks with proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids.

Medications – Lots of medications are known to have adverse effect on the hair. They are generally anti-depressant medications, many anti biotics, Vit A derivatives

How does the transplanted hair grow – The hair which are transplanted start growing after a period of three months. The transplanted hair are generally supplement with minoxidil (2%, 5% or 10%) for faster hair growth. For faster Hair Growth after transplant surgeons generally prescribes minoxidil solution.

The fraction of transplanted hair that grows totally depends on the method of the transplantation which comes up to 70 to 90% in general. In the AHI technique about 90 to 95% of hair Grows post transplant which is the best kind of growth which can be achieved.

To Grow hair fast and longer every month do anagrow which works on the principle of plants stem cells which furthermore improves the hair growth by 85%, decreases hair fall by 56% and also restores hair regeneration by 78%. After taking about 12 to 15 sessions of this treatment it is noticed that the HAIR GROWTH is much faster after anagrow as compared to earlier.

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