06 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hormonal fluctuations as well as hormonal imbalances play a great role in causing hair problems like the hair fall, hair thinning, dry hair , oily scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, dry scalp and dandruff.

Mainly the sex hormones like the oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin in the females have a great effect on the hair if their levels fluctuate. Thyroid imbalances also cause a lot of hair problems in one.

Definitely hormonal problems causes many hair problems and this is what we will try to make you understand through this article.

In this article we will now understand the effects of hormonal imbalance on the hair one by one…

Thyroid problems and hair problems – Thyroid imbalances and hair problems go hand in hand so if the thyroid levels fluctuate you are bound to suffer from hair problems like the hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff etc.

Hair problems are so commonly seen with the thyroid problems that sometimes the patient complains of the chief complaints of the hair fall or hair thinning and after taking a thorough history the trichologist feels that there could be an existing thyroid problems which would then get confirmed with the help of various thyroid related blood tests.

One needs to get started with appropriate medications to get the thyroid levels under control and along with that they also need to visit the trichologist so that the right treatment which is required can get started as soon as possible.

Homeopathy for hair loss and treatment for hair growth for hormonal problems works great.

In females certain hormonal problems like the hirsuitism and PCOD or PCOS are also known to cause many hair problems and they can definitely consider homeopathy for hair loss and treatment for hair growth for their problems.

If you come across patients who exhibit following characters then it is worthwhile to ask them to get their hormonal profile checked as it can help the trichologist to diagnose the hormonal problem so that the hair problem can be treated in the best possible way.

The features which give an indication about hormonal problems are irregular periods, unwanted hair growth on the areas like the chin, upper lips and side locks also points towards hormonal imbalances which need to be rectified.

Unexplained weight gain and mood fluctuations also point towards hormonal problems. The treatment for hair problems will respond better if these underlying hormonal issues will also be taken care off.

Diabetes also causes hair issues and therefore it is really important to keep a check on your blood sugar levels if you are a diabetic ensuring that it should stay within the normal limits as fluctuations in the blood sugar levels also causes hair problems.

In all such cases one can consider homeopathy for hair loss and hair growth treatment.

To know more about hair growth treatment, Homeopathic remedy and medicine treatment for hairloss and baldness, uses of jabourandi oil and shampoo for Hairloss meet a trichologist at RichFeel Hair and Scalp Clinic.

Hairfall is one of the most commonly faced problems by people all over the globe. People are heard complaining about greying of hair and baldness at an early age which is a sign of danger. A wise decision that we will suggest you is switching to Homeopathy.

homeopathic medicines for Hair fall and better growth has proved to be very useful in todays time. People these days are getting convinced of the benefits of homeopathic medicine for hairloss. Homeopathic medicines for hairfall are organic in nature as they are prepared from wide range of natural sources like plants and vegetables, certain minerals are also used for certain medicines hence no side effects are seen as in comparison to conventional medicines. Hair fall happens due to many reasons like age, genetics, certain medications or a prolonged illness. Whatever be the reason for your hairfall homeopathy has a solution to all the hair issues. It helps in preventing hair loss and also promotes growth of new hair. Homeopathic medicines are very safe and nourishing. They can be used without any fear of side effects. In fact homeopathic medicines can be used along side with the conventional medicines under the medical observation.

There are homeopathic medicine for treating dandruff and baldness that aims to cure it in totality and helps in preventing of reoccurrence of the problem. To treat dandruff Thuja Occidentalis is a powerful medicine that helps resists dandruff in patients with oily hair and itchy scalp.

A few doses in correct quantity by a professional Trichologist could treat the problem for ever.

Homeopathy medicine for hair loss and baldness that are mostly suggested by homeopathic physicians is Lycopodium. It is made from a moss fungii after some form of process where its curative powers are brought to light which is formed as one of the best homeopathic medicines for premature baldness and even solves greying of hair. Natrum Muriaticum is another example of homeopathy medicines made from the most common food substance without which the food would be tasteless which is Salt ie sodium chloride. After processing its inner healing powers are activated. Hormonal imbalance in the body in diseases like hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, PCOD and diabetes further leads to hair problems. In hypothyroid problems which leads to weight gain in men and women further worsens the thyroid disorder thereby becoming a vicious cycle which needs to be treated aggressively with the right kind of homeopathic medications.

Diabetes and thyroid problem often leads to hairloss in most of the cases. Treating them with the help of homeopathy is also very important. At times homeopathy medicines works slowly in some cases but in the long term it is proved to be very useful.

A healthy lifestyle with proper eating habits and sleeping pattern can prevent damage to your hair too. Keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water is very important for the growth and maintenance of hair.

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