Hair Wigs In India – Non-Surgical Treatment For Baldness for Indian Men And Women

People who suffer from irreversible baldness problems and have a huge balding area or who want very dense hair can think of this magical option of Revolutionary Hair Systems termed as hair wigs which gives an absolute natural look.

The system (hair wigs) has got the following two parts the derma base and human hair attached on it.

We will first define the derma base which has got a unique property of being really special and feels like one’s own skin. As the base is permeable it allows the scalp to breathe by allowing a smooth passage of sweat to and fro between the scalp and the external environment.

This derma base is really light to carry and can be removed as well as it requires really low maintenance.

The hair which are used in the revolutionary hair system (hair wigs) are resistant to the heat, water and the chemicals so you can actually brush, shampoo and as well as perm and color them like your own hair.

These hairs are nothing but the human hair which is chemically treated to remove the superficial cuticular layer so that the knotting can be reduced to a great extent.

The best thing about using the human hair in the system is that it gives a complete natural look and the hair used will be first matched with the person’s hair color and texture.

The derma base can be attached with the scalp in various ways…

There are 3 ways of fitting the hair wigs to the scalp and they are the clip, tape and the surgical solution.

When you choose the option of clip it allows you to remove the Hair Wigs whenever you need it.

The tapes when used to attach are skin friendly and they last for few days. The wig for men and women appears real with any type of attachment.

There are surgical solutions termed as glue which are useful for long term attachments which can last for few weeks.

Irreversible baldness problems can never be taken easy as more than the health issue it causes Body Dysmorphic Disorder which leads to the destruction of the self-image, prestige and the confidence as hair is one the most visible part of the body and has got the aesthetic value as well.

For all these patients these Richfeel’s Revolutionary Hair Systems (hair wigs) stands as a ray of hope as with the help of these systems you can regain back your lost confidence and take the world in your stride.

We believe in the fact that together we can make this world a better place to live in and these systems helps us to some extent in fulfilling our dreams. More and more Indian man are opting for Wig.

Richfeel Clinic in India specializes in hair wigs known as Revolutionized Hair Systems. It has over 83 branches in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore,  etc…