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Indications for hair wigs for men –

Hair wigs for men are generally required for those who suffer from scarring baldness problems like Androgenetic Alopecia(Male Pattern Thinning) and Autoimmune related Alopecia.

As these are scarring type of alopecias which simply means that the hair follicles have died off from that region there is no such possibility of hair growth in that region.

So to get back hair naturally one need to opt for hair transplantation but once again hair transplantation has also got some limitations.

Hair transplantation cannot give you a natural density and so if one wants natural density then they should opt for hair wigs for men. Also in much advanced cases of baldness hair transplantation cannot turn out to be a fruitful option because of the limitations of the donor area due to which hair wigs for men turns out to be a far better option.

While one opts for hair wigs for men what one needs to really consider is the quality of the derma base. Men usually have very oily scalp therefore they should choose a suitable derma base which should be light and porous so that allows easy transition of sweat to and fro. For this to take place very easily the pores should be big in its size.

Different ways to attach hair wigs for men

There are three ways to attach a hair wig for men which is clip attachment, tape attachment and glue attachment.

One can go for any of these options based on their comfort as externally it all appears the same.

Care to be taken when using hair wigs for men

One needs to take some care when using hair wigs for men which includes the following…

1. Avoid using hot water when shampooing the hair system; also avoid it getting exposed to hot air for longer time so one needs to avoid blow dryers when using a hair system.

2. One should avoid using any kind of oil on the hair system.

3. Use wide toothed comb or a brush for setting hair on the system.

4. One needs to compulsorily use a conditioner after every wash. One should also apply serum or live-in conditioner on daily basis.

To know more about Hair Wigs For Men and its cost you need to walk in one of the Richfeel Centers and the cost of Male Wig depends on the type of system you choose so it will be best known once you visit the centre.

Men’s and women’s system are made of human HAIR and they can be long or curly depending on the requirement so if you want it to be customized or tailor made Richfeel is the best place for you to get that perfect look.

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