15 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

It is a fashion statement to colour hair with fluorescent colours like shocking pink, golden yellow and parrot green etc. Not everyone’s cup of tea as one needs guts to carry such colours and causes bomb to your pocket.

It was started in western courtiers particularly with Hippies as a sign of rebel to the conventional styling and soon was picked by the youth all over as style statement. But what if suddenly find your hair is turning green without you wanting it? Yes, it can happen.

A young teenage girl was seen to be developing green colour in her hair. Initially it was thought to be the chlorine in the local swimming pool as culprit to cause such a change. But on detailed studying the cause turned out to be different. It was the excess amount of copper dissolved in water.

Since the house was not used for long time the copper plumbing of the house was not flushed properly, this in turn caused excess of copper in the water. The girl had light hair and was also swimming regularly.

The chlorine in the swimming pool bleached her hair to some extent and copper started showing the discolouration. So it was not the chlorine but the copper tuned her hair green.

Exposure to excess copper in water can turn hair green. This is most commonly seen with light or blond hair and is termed as Chlorotrichosis. Frequent shampooing with heavy chemicals can also be a risk factor for such problem…


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