Indications of hair transplant in Kolkata –
For a layman to understand whether transplantation is the right option to get back hair all they should do is pay a visit to a trichologist.It is the trichologist who will take certain factors into account before giving a green signal for hair transplantation and they are…

The first thing is the hair condition or disease which you are suffering from plays a great role in deciding whether are you a perfect candidate for hair transplantation.

The alopecais which are non-scarring in its nature and also those which are autoimmune in its origin are generally not opted for hair transplantation.

The best candidates who should opt for hair transplantation are the ones who are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Thinning and Female Pattern Thinning).

The area on which transplantation has to be done and the area from which the hair follicle will be extracted need to be taken into account.

The donor area should be dense enough for the hair follicles to be removed as per the needs of the bald area. Also the skin on which transplantation will take place should be healthy and well nourished so that the transplanted hair will be well accepted so that it grows back in the desired manner.

Tests to be done before hair transplant in kolkata –

These tests can be done from any good lab in Kolkata and they are…

CBC, Blood Sugar levels (fasting and post-prandial if you are diabetic and random if you are non-diabetic), HIV, HbsAg, HCV, Bleeding time, clotting time and Prothrombin time.

ECG if the patient is above 35 years of age and other relevant test as per the individual’s health status

Hair Transplant cost varies depending upon the number of grafting done and so if you want to opt for hair transplant in kolkata or any other part of India you need to know the exact amount of hair which will be required to cover your bald patch to work out the budget for you and for the the trichologist can be of great help to you.

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