Hair Thinning in Youngsters

One of the very seniors Trichologist had a habit of greeting a young person seeking advice on hair fall, saying, “What brings such young person to a hair clinic?”

But not anymore, the incidence of hair loss has become a common problem in youngster almost as common as getting acne.

Sometimes as doctors we feel sorry. In our science we understand hair as a mirror of one’s health. So what has happened to the young generation? There has to something radically wrong that we are getting younger and younger people for hair treatments.

To understand this, one has to understand what today’s youth is going through. As parents try to give them best of lifestyle, what goes wrong that they start losing hair so early? In fact when parents accompany children who are showing signs of hair thinning, they are in complete disagreement, that their child can have some major hair disorder, which in turn could be partly due to stress. For the parents stress purely means difficulty in life but the perception of stress is totally different for today’s youth.

As parents try to give best to children, they start expecting best from children in return. So the performance pressure begins at home. Once you are at the edge of growing up, there is a peer pressure.

Trying to keep up with the life style of their peers, many children succumb to constant conflict between their morals and values given by parents and their financial status. Having most modern gadgets, wearing branded clothes, following latest fashion and most important, staying active on social media have become their basic needs. One may belong to any class of society but almost every child faces this stress.

Life has become fast and the temptations are all around. Thanks to the advertisement world, we can say youngsters have become driving force of today’s economy. Any product launched, needs to be approved by youth to survive, so the advertisements revolve around youth, targeting youth as potential customers.

This in turn increases the desire amongst them to have it at any cost. It does not remain only at material levels but in academics also getting a particular stream, in particular prestigious institution, taking admission in famous private coaching classes etc can all lead to a pile of stress on youngsters.