Is Hair Just of Aesthetic Importance? Read This Article To Get More Details On This Hair Test…

Hair is the body’s barometer of its health so if you have got good hair it simply means that you are healthy from within.

In fact the hair problems are the first signs that something is going wrong internally and needs to be rectified.

So to make it simple you will come across many individuals who will complain of some episode of stress and illness after which they complain of simultaneous decrement in the quantity and quality of their hair.

There is no doubt about the fact that hair plays a great role on one’s self image, confidence and social appearance but much more important is the fact that hair is actually a barometer of body’s health whether it is good or bad.

To give you examples you will come across people having thyroid disorders, PCOD, hirsuitism complaining about hair problems. Those who take chemotherapy medications, isotroin tablets, steroid medications or antibiotics also complain of hair problems.

Those who suffer from cardiac problems, nutritional deficiencies, certain infections also suffer from hair fall problems.

So the hair problems cannot be really ignored as hair indicates good health or lack of it. If you notice abnormal hair fall, hair thinning problems, dandruff which is persistent then you need to contact a trichologist without any delays. This is for the fact that your condition can be just more than a bad hair day.

Understanding all this it is really very important to go for a tricho-check regularly in fact tricho-check should be a part of your annual check-up.

There is a very good hair test termed as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which measures the levels and the comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals present in the body’s tissues. More than a diagnostic tool this hair test plays a great role in preventive health care.

The advantages of this hair test are…

1. The hair specimen can be collected easily and quickly as compared to the blood, urine and the other body tissues.

2. This hair test is definitely more cost effective than the other mineral testing conducted through other means.

3. The measure of minerals following the hair testing is more long term and it is also not so susceptible to deviations like the blood measurements.

4. Hair testing alone can give us a reliable data of about more than 35 nutrients and toxic minerals and also over 25 important mineral ratios.

5. One can also come to know about their body’s metabolic type through hair testing and the results are really accurate and precise.

As we all know about the Hair Test reliability in forensic science it has been used widely by the forensic experts.

HAIR tests helps to know health of hair and body HTMA is gaining more and more importance.

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