Surgical hair restoration works efficiently by extracting hair from a hair loss resistant area (occipetal region and lower parietal area) and planting them on the recipient balding area (fronto-vertex region). 

Old and out dated surgical hair restoration methods which are still highly practiced; a strip comprising of the upper layer of the skin is cut out from the back and sides of the scalp with hair (known as the strip method). Individual hair units are then removed and implanted which is highly invasive, painful and leave behind ugly scars. Also there is a great chance to injure the hair follicles during the grafting of hair with this method.

Later techniques comprising of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) allow individual follicles to be extracted directly out of the donor area which can then be implanted in the donor site thus changing the way hair transplant surgeries are performed.

The ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique- An Advancement in Surgical Hair Restoration

Richfeel hair forever through its alliance with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London, the world’s leading company introduces the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique.

‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique is the latest and the best in surgical hair restoration, which is now available in India.

This technique has redefined surgical hair restoration through advancements in techniques for hair follicle extraction and implantation for great results. There is no need for hospitalization and complex aftercare and the patient goes home the same day. The hair that is implanted is not only guaranteed to grow but also stays with you for a long time to come (almost permanently).

With this technique, we can place up to 3,500 hairs in one procedure depending on the donor area.

The extraction method is hugely advanced over other extraction methods. We use a patented mechanized extractor with a tiny punch of 0.5-0.8 mm diameter. The unique extraction technique often leaves part of the follicle / sebaceous gland in the donor site following extraction which can create growth of 2 hairs from the one original follicle.

The technique uses a patented implanter pen that allows implantation of far higher grafts / hairs per sq. cm. than any other method. Finest implanters are used to make the opening in the site. The size of these implanters allow for 60-70 hairs per sq. cm. whereas other methods can place up to only 45 hairs per sq. cm. The survival rate with this method is also far higher than with the implanter for various reasons.

Hair surgery in patients who have got health complications

For patients who have got health complications the AHI technique is safe as compared to the other techniques as it is minimally invasive. In such patients they need to meet the anesthetists in advance with all the valid reports suggested by the doctor and also the procedure should be done in the presence of the anesthetists so that the procedure goes smoothly.

Hair surgery in patients who do not want to shave off their scalp completely

Shaving is a great concern for female pts and for some whose professional requirement does allow them to shave off their scalp completely. If at all the patient is very keen on not shaving off the scalp then they need to meet the surgeons first and if the surgeon approves then they can go ahead with the surgery procedure without shaving. But generally this is approved for the female patients and the final call is taken by the surgeon.

As the cost of surgeries depends on the number of hair transplanted to know the exact cost you need to know how much hair would you require to transplant

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