The Hair Specialist Doctors are rightly termed as Trichologist who provide solutions for all hair and scalp problems. Before you continue reading this article grab this amazing free package…
They have a machine called as capilloscope with them which helps in giving a magnified image of the hair roots, hair shaft and the scalp. This helps them in identifying all the hair and scalp problems closely so that they can diagnose the problem accurately which would further help them in dispensing the right kind of treatment.
Along with checking with the capilloscope the trichologist also needs to physically check your hair and scalp, take your detailed history and also go through your tricho-analysis report which would further help them in the correct treatment.
The first trichologist in India and the Founders of Richfeel (About 64 clinics which are spread all over India) –
Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah are the first certified trichologists of India. They are the founders of Richfeel Hair and scalp clinic. With their rich experience which is almost for about 50 years in the hair and scalp care they have been able to transform people’s life by changing their outlook towards their hair care.
The journey of Richfeel started with Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah), who in the year 1986 ventured into the profession of hair and scalp care treatments and pioneered the science of Trichology in India. At a time when India was witnessing revolution in health care, Dr. Apoorva and Dr. Sonal Shah chose to pioneer the field of trichology by giving birth to a Richfeel, India’s first and only chain of hair and scalp clinic with the mission to give the person back his confidence and the vision to make this world a better place to live in.
Richfeel has also pioneered Trichology medical education in India for doctors, in association with IAT – Australia. With several hundred doctors certified every year Richfeel is the destination for specialization in hair science for doctors from various streams of medicine.
This has helped India to have hair specialist doctors in mumbai, hair specialist doctors in pune, hair specialist doctors in delhi, hair specialist doctors in bangalore, hair specialist doctors in kolkata, hair specialist doctors in ahemdabad and also hair specialist doctor in various other parts of india.
Richfeel Clinic in India provides with a specialist doctor (Trichologist) in each of its clinic. It has over 64 branches in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and other parts of India.