Structural changes in hair shaft can be a part of a bouquet of symptoms presenting clinically. Changes in hair shaft over a large area of scalp can cause alopecia, frizzy woolly hair or at times may go completely undetected unless examined microscopically.

Our Approach- To classify if the disorder is genetic or acquired. Acquired disorders can be treated and a permanent cure can be given but even for genetic problems hair care can be suggested.

When we see genetic anomaly of hair, any other congenital anomalies or syndromes are always ruled out. Many times we have been able to guide a patient for a opinion on genetic problem.

Acquired hair shaft problem like TN, Spilt ends, Green hair etc are treated symptomatically educating patient on hair care and if needed therapies for hydrating hair can be given.
Along with external care internal supplements may also be needed for synthesis of healthy hair.

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