It is really scary to even think for a moment that you will get bald one day and so for those who are actually bald are going through the kind of pain which cannot be even measured. Whether you believe or not but the fact of the matter is that more and more people are losing hair these days due to different reasons like hereditary, hormonal changes, unhealthy eating habits and so on. This can get worse when you don’t take care in the initial stage and later on when you realize it’s too late.

I would suggest it’s better to take an action on time rather than crying over the spilled milk later. However a possibility of hair plantation exists most of the times and so this is what we will be discussing in details through this article.

When you think of hairtransplantation you need to do it with the best and authorized clinics which are doing transplantation procedure regularly and have helped thousands of patients get back their confidence. Richfeel Hair Forever through its alliance with the Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London, which is the worlds leading company had introduced AHI technique. AHI stands for Aesthetic Hair Integration. This is the only way of getting back hair through surgical hair restoration process which has proved to be very successful. There are no cuts, no stitches and no scar marks seen through this method.

The results of transplants are normally seen best after 6 months to 9 months of the procedure, this is when the hair follicles gets adjusted and starts growing hair the same way as they were in the extracted area. Later on it is very normal to cut and trim your hair the way you want to. These hairs can also be dyed and styled according to your likes; as there is no harm in doing so. Practically if you go to see hairtransplants side effects and disadvantages will be nil if it is done with the right technique, skillful surgeons and also after doing the required pre-surgical tests and at the right place.

Richfeel clinics have a team of well – experienced and skillful surgeons and nurses that are very well trained in hair plantation to give proper care and attention to the patients. Along with it Richfeel has well equipped operation theatre with advanced scientific instruments and technology. This provides natural and guaranteed results with excellent hair coverage at the most affordable cost.

Hair plantation is very common among both men and women who start losing hair at a very early age due to different reasons and lose their self confidence. This is the best techniques of gaining back your self esteem and confidence at a very affordable prize with guaranteed life time solution. To know more about hair plantation and Transplantation cost make sure you visit a trichologist at the Richfeel clinic. Richfeel Clinic has got branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India so visit the nearest branch right away to book for your hair plantation…