All the women face hairfall at some point or the other. Hairfall reasons are different for every woman at a given point of time.

Hair fall is very common these days in both men and women but in this article let us put light on the hairfall reasons of women.

Hair fall reasons in a life of a woman:

There are physiological reasons of hairfall in women which happens due to physical changes inside the body like:

Post puberty hairfall problems: After a girl attains puberty there are lots of changes in the physical appearance of the body and there are changes in hormones as well which causes falling of hair and is considered physiological. However even after few months if the hair fall problem persists along with symptoms of delayed and irregular period being a reason for hairloss then it is considered pathological and requires a medical attention.

Post delivery hairfall problems: After a woman gives birth to a child there are innumerous changes that happen in the body during labour pain and there is a sudden change in the hormones post delivery. The hairfall after delivery remains for a period of 3 months mostly between 3rd month to 6th month at the most however if it is really excessive during this period or if it persists longer then it calls for medical treatment.

Post menopause hairfall problems: After the age of 40-45 years a woman reaches menopause in where her period stops due to the changes in her hormones which causes various changes in the body and also leads to hairfall.

There are other pathological reasons due to which hairfall occurs like thyroid problems, diabetes, PCOD etc. Hormonal change in women can also happen due to stress at home and work front. Though it is commonly seen that Loss in men also occurs mostly due to stress but it is seen with women as well. It is very essential to fight stress by following some simple steps like exercising, meditating and yoga. These will help you keep calm and fit. Massaging your scalp with oil is one of the easiest ways of relieving stress and even nourishing the hair follicles. Massage increases blood circulation in the head which helps in the growth of hair. Prolonged illness and overdose of some medicines may also result in hairfall. Nutritional deficiencies in the body are the main hair fall reasons and can be cured with a healthy diet and supplements if required.

Hairfall control and home remedies for falling hair are many but, taking an expert’s advice before taking any step is very important and this can be best done by meeting a trichologist and getting your hair tested to know the exact cause of hairfall and to know the perfect long term solution for the same. You need to check out with a trichologist at Richfeel clinic which has got branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India. Visit your nearest branch today to know more about hair fall reasons and to treat your hair and scalp problems in best possible way. Remember one thing that Hair fall is not a matter which can be taken lightly so take the right steps soon…