Fashion Induced Hair Fall

This kind of hair fall comes under the sub type of Self induced hair fall.Hair is as tough as the iron wire but hair cannot combat the assault of the chemicals which are used in the hair products.

The colours, blow-dryers, straightening irons, the various chemicals which are used in perming, dyeing and straightening the hair actually makes the hair really weak and thereby brittle very prone to breakages.

Although most of us are aware of the harmful effects of using all these stuffs on the hair still we do it to maintain our style quotient and also look fashionable every time.

This article will highlight on the damage that is caused by using various chemical treatments so let’s understand them one by one.

Perming and straightening treatments – During this process tremendous heat is applied to convert the protein of natural form into some other form so that the hair can be molded in a particular fashion. While doing this process some amount of cystic acid is released which completely destroys the root and the hair shaft. So one’s hair becomes dry, dull and damaged.

While the damage done to the hair due to all these procedures cannot be reversed but still one can make certain modifications in their lifestyle and have a good healthy diet which suits one’s need. Regular oiling and taking tricho-scalp treatments with the help of the trichologists also helps to a great extent.

Hair coloring treatments – Hair coloring is something which is done by many people either to hide greys or to look fashionable. It is followed by many people from teenagers to elderly people and from models to the home makers.

Actually the colors make the hair dry, scraggly and also make it appear quite undernourished. It leads to diffuse hair fall problems and it also causes irreversible damage in some. The damage is also caused due to the affection of the covering of the hair which is termed as cuticles making the hair lose its shine and sheen.

While it is difficult for everyone to get convinced not to color their hair follow these tips which can at least minimize the damage due to coloring…

Tip 1 – Pay a visit to the trichologist who you can trust on.

Tip 2 – Make sure to get done the coloring procedure by a professional so that at least the disasters can be avoided.

Tip 3 – Try to keep a reasonable gap between two coloring episodes.

Tip 4 – Always explore the option of settling for a rinse or a temporary dye.

To know about exact Hair Loss solution as well as Hair Fall remedies and causes and how to control hairfall and tips to prevent Hairfall make sure to consult a trichologist who can guide you best on this.

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