Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test

This hair analysis test rightly helps in knowing mineral content of the body tissues as they are similar to the mineral content of the hair tissue. This hair analysis test actually provides an open window inside the cell.

These minerals are really very important in the functioning of the enzymes, hormones and other biochemical systems which sustains life. In fact with the help of this hair analysis test it is thus possible to read the mineral content of the body and it also helps in pinpointing any deviation from normalcy. It also helps in highlighting any development of metabolic dysfunctions even before the manifestations appear.

This hair analysis test not only helps in knowing the mineral content of the body but it also helps in detecting the toxicities of the body which in turn damages various systems of the body.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test indicates the nutritional content of the body, toxic heavy metals, the ratio of nutrients to heavy metals toxins and it also helps in knowing the metabolic type of the body.

The advantage of doing this test is that these kinds of imbalances can be often corrected through nutritional therapy that is if one follows the right kind of nutrition based on the readings they can prevent many medical conditions even before they appear in their body.

For this hair analysis test the hair is taken from the back of the scalp closest to the nape of the neck. The hair samples that are collected should not be exposed to any form of chemical treatments like the bleaching, dyes. Also there should not be application of any form of hair sprays, hair creams, gels and oils. The hair should be washed within 24 hours of sampling and they should be dry for at least 4 hours after shampooing.

Now coming to the people who should get done the {HTMA} hair analysis test, this is a test which can be done by anyone who wants to have a healthy future but it is really mandatory for those who suffer from prolonged illness problem without satisfactory explanation. In fact many people do HTMA as a part of yearly medical check-up.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test is actually a byproduct of an impressive research that has been published in the international scientific publications since 15 years. In fact in the USA itself around 1,50,000 hair tissue mineral analysis tests are carried by the federally licensed clinical laboratories for the sake of the health care professionals who want some additional assistance for a detailed patient evaluation.

Hair Analysis Test for health of the hair and the body should be carried out under the prescription and supervision of a trichologist.

Forensic experts use HAIR as a Testing tool as it has got a high reliability in various medical tests so one can really rely on this hair analysis test.

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