Dandruff Solutions Pertaining To Its Stages

Dandruff is one of the conditions which cannot be cured but if it can be controlled for a long time with the help of the treatment suggested by the trichologist it is as good as curing it.

Once the treatment is initiated the patient needs to visit the trichologist regularly to ensure that it is come under control along with that the patient also needs to make follow-up visits regularly.

Though not necessary but generally it is observed that there are three likely stages of the dandruff and this is what will get revealed through this article.

Dandruff Solutions At Stage 1 – At this stage the scaling is to a minor level and it causes irritation to the scalp.

It is highly recommended that one should visit the trichologist as soon as you reach on this stage as more you delay with the treatment of dandruff it becomes really difficult to treat the same.

Dandruff Solutions At Stage 2 – Due to the scaling it so happens that the scalp secretes a fluid which leads to the sticking of scales to the scalp giving it a yellowish and waxy appearance.

This could be one of the reactions of the scalp to scaling and it is not necessary that one has to pass through this stage before reaching the stage three. It is highly recommended that one should visit a trichologist to get the dandruff under control or else it may go into really advanced stage.

Dandruff Solutions At Stage 3 – Further the dandruff can spread to the areas like the head, hairline or the margins of the scalp, front of the chest and the back as well.

It you have reached such an advanced stage of dandruff then it recommended that along with the right externals you may also require to take certain internal food supplements to reduce the activity in the body which is causing the dandruff problem. This can be best suggested to you by the tricholgist after examining you.

Normally it is really important for one to know that which stage does the dandruff belong to so that the treatment can started accordingly by the trichologist.

It is also very important for one to know the type of dandruff that one has as it also helps to guide the treatment by the trichologist. So to get the right treatment for your dandruff you should visit your trichologist and get your scalp examined physically as well as with the help of a capilloscope.

This examination would further help the trichologist to give you the right treatment.

If you want to know more about Dandruff treatment, remedies and solution and Remedies, Treatment and Solution for hair problems then make sure to consult a trichologist as soon as possible.

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