Dandruff Remedies and Treatment For Fluctuating Dandruff

Lots of people come with the problem of dandruff which is variable in its nature. This simply means that sometimes they find the dandruff getting really worst and at times they find the dandruff pretty much in control.

This kind of an altering nature of dandruff is mostly seen in a psoriatic pattern or it could also be co-related to ones washing regime as it generally becomes better just after the hair bath. As far as the problem of psoriasis is concerned dandruff becomes worst during the winter season and it becomes much better in the summers.

This article includes certain elaborative dandruff remedies which if followed sincerely will help one to a great deal.

For dandruff which is seasonal in origin – This kind of dandruff can be seen in psoriasis condition if it becomes worst during the winters and it can be seborrhoeic dermatitis if it becomes worst during the summer season.

As psoriasis is an auto immune condition one has to pay attention on all the triggering factors and make sure that they take proper precautions to stay away from them. So one needs to follow a healthy diet and follow a distressing activity very religiously as this is one of the very important dandruff remedies.

One may also pay particular attention to the kind of external products they have been using. Meeting a trichologist regularly during this period is really very important so that your hair care regime can be updated based on the present scalp condition.

Regarding oily dandruff apart from being very regular with washing the scalp daily one may also require to use certain shampoos which are meant to treat dandruff. Arnica plays a great role in treating this kind of dandruff and this can be used under the prescription of a trichologist as one of the dandruff remedies.

In stubborn cases one may be required to anti-dandruff cream to get the dandruff under control. Following a distressing activity is also very important as stress leads to secretion of stress hormones which in turn increases the secretion of sebum on the scalp worsening the already present dandruff.

Certain dandruff condition gets better just after the hair wash – In this type of dandruff one generally requires to wash their scalp regularly and also oil the scalp regularly. The oiling and the washing regime should be followed as per the trichologist’s advice.

Depending on whether the dandruff is oily or dry one should use the right kind of products on the scalp to get the best kind of results and so make sure to choose the dandruff remedies based on your dandruff type.

The DANDRUFF TREATMENT and Remedy for you can be best decided by the trichologist after understanding your dandruff type and its severity.

Some patients do suffer from hair fall problems due to dandruff and therefore it is very important that they focus on treating hair fall due to dandruff simultaneously with the help of the trichologist.

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