17 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Although most of us hardly face hair loss during pregnancy, the following tips will work greatly on your hair while you are enjoying your pregnancy phase.

Now let?s get into the details of each of these tips so that you can understand all of them to its fullest…

Tip 1 – Make sure to do regular check-ups with your trichologist.

If you are regular in meeting your trichologist, your doctor will be able to take care of any hair problem well in advance before it becomes really severe.

Also your trichologist may ask you to check your hormone profile and ask you to take supplements or treatments based on your hair problem.

Tip 2 – Make sure to take your supplements regularly under the supervision of your gynaecologist.

Many vitamins and minerals play a great role in positive growth of the hair and it also helps in treating or preventing hair loss problems so your trichologist may ask you to go for them under the supervision of your gynaecologist.

Tip 3 – Make sure that you style your hair with proper precautions.

Try to go for simple looking hair styles and avoid doing any kind of chemical treatments on your hair.

Tip 4 – Having a healthy diet is a secret to healthy hair.

Have a diet which is full of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and milk products as it is not only suggestible for the health of your hair but also to promote the healthy growth of your child.

Tip 5 – Make sure to use right products on your hair.

You should use shampoos which are natural based and should have biotin as one of the ingredients.

Tip 6 – Always use only wide-toothed wooden combs to comb your hair.

It is a must to use only wide-toothed wooden comb on the scalp and do not use any form of brush on the scalp. Preferably go for combs which are made of rosemary wood as it is considered really good for your hair.For knowing more on Hair Loss Treatment, HAIR LOSS Remedy, Hairloss Cure during pregnancy and Baldness, Hair Thinning Remedies in men make sure to visit a trichologist in any of the branches of RichFeel.

Pregnancy is a period during which there is a drastic change in one’s hormonal profile which comes back to normal following delivery.A similar change also occurs post abortion, post miscarriages and also after taking oral contraceptive pills for a very long time.So it is generally seen that one has really good hair during pregnancy or the during the time period when they are taking oral contraceptive pills and this is because of the effects of the oestrogen which are really dominant during this phase.

It is this oestrogen which makes the hair thicker and better due to its role on the hair follicles causing them to stay in the growing phase for a really extended time period.So once the effect of the oestrogen goes off which happens post delivery or post stopping hormonal supplements the hair gets pushed into resting phase and thereby they get further pushed in the falling phase which is the reason why one faces tremendous hair fall problems after three months.

So when you face hair fall during this time period these are certain things which can follow in a step by step manner to treat your hair fall. The 4 steps which you need to follow as a part of hair loss treatment for women after pregnancy are… Now that you have got the steps to be followed as a part of hair loss treatment for women after pregnancy let’s get in to the details of each of these right away.

Step 1 – The very first step that you need to follow is to meet your trichologist as soon as possible.

This is a very important step and has to be followed on priority as a part of hair loss treatment for women after pregnancy.

Step 2 – Make sure to get your hair analysis report done so that you come to know your A:T ratio.

This will help your trichologist to give you the right treatment which will deal with your hair loss.

Step 3 – Follow the advice of your trichologist.

This has to be followed religiously to get the best results. So for instance if you are asked to take iron and calcium supplements then make sure to take it as per the prescription of the trichologist as this will help greatly in hair loss treatment for women post pregnancy.

Step 4 – Finally make sure to follow up with your trichologist.

This will help the trichologist to give you maintenance tips which will help you to prevent further hair fall problems. RichFeel provides solutions for female pattern thinning, Female baldness, cure for androgenetic alopecia in women, prevention of Hair Loss in women, HAIR LOSS Treatment and Cure in Women. RichFeel Clinic in India specializes for cure for hair loss during pregnancy. It has over 88 branches in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc…


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