01 . March . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Laser Hair Reduction is perhaps the most popular treatment, in recent times, for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Gone are the days when the only means to achieving this was through shaving, threading, waxing and other such traditional methods. There is due merit in the usage of laser technology for hair reduction and there is a growing awareness on the subject.

Laser hair reduction is rapidly gaining ground and becoming popular both with men and women owing to the host of benefits that it offers. On the flipside, the treatment has become so popular that random spas, salons and non-clinical setups have started offering the same as a service. Now, here’s where the problem crops up…

While this technology makes for some impressive results that are long lasting, if administered wrong you could end up with some serious concerns such as burns and scars! It is hence very crucial where and by whom you get the treatment done. Let us understand this better.

First and foremost, let’s clarify the most common myth about laser hair reduction.

  • MYTH – It is just a cosmetic procedure and there is no need to consult a doctor for it.
  • FACT – It is a procedure that needs cognizance & analysis of one’s medical history! It is NOT a mere COSMETIC procedure.

Let’s have a quick recap of how laser hair reduction works.

Laser hair reduction is a procedure where a certified technician, under the guidance of a certified trichologist, uses a laser that directly targets the hair follicles to efficiently destroy them, with no harm to the surrounding skin.

The process starts with a detailed consultation with the doctor wherein your medical history is discussed in depth, your hair growth is analysed and a good understanding of your lifestyle is drawn. The area from where you want your hair removed is examined – the texture, colour of the hair and other relevant details.

This consultation is the key. It helps the doctor, technician and most importantly – you, understand the path forward. The number of sittings needed,energy to be used to work on the hair follicle and the treatment schedule – all of this depends on the findings of this consultation.

Here’s why you need a Hair Doctor to guide your Laser Hair Reduction:

1) Medical expertise

A Hair Doctor – a Trichologist – is a person who specialises in the science of the structure, growth cycle, function and problems of the human hair. This means they are the most qualified to analyse & understand an individual’s hair growth pattern and guide you for a Laser Hair Reduction treatment.
As mentioned above, consultation prior to the treatment is the key to getting the desired results. And this is possible only with a doctor involved. Who knows hair better than a hair doctor?!

2) Importance of Consultation

Medical history is very important to be looked into! Some disorders & medications have relative contraindications to Laser. A salon or spa employee will never ever be able to understand this. Your health is at stake then.
At the cost of repetition, laser hair removal is NOT a cosmetic session. It needs professionals trained specifically for it, with needed medical expertise.

3) Safe & Hygienic Clinic

Laser hair reduction needs to be done in a clinical environment, with utmost care & hygiene, using the right technology.
It just cannot be done sitting on a salon chair or at home. There are handheld devices being sold in the market and online for the purpose, urging you to buy & use it at home ‘with ease’. But this would be most unwise. If administered without training and control, these devices can damage your hair and skin forever.

4) Use of right technology, the right way

The treatment needs to be performed by a trained technician under the supervision of a doctor. You need to approach a Clinic with a doctor who can guide you on the best technology for the purpose and ensure it’s done right.
These days there are very advanced technologies in use for laser hair removal. So much so that the ‘heat’ element in itself is done away with, leaving the patient with a cool feeling! Cool Brush Technology is one such, which you SHOULD explore while considering laser hair reduction. Those who are intensely trained for it alone can handle the technology safely, to give the best results.

5) Result-oriented approach, with your well being in mind

A doctor, as mentioned above, takes into cognizance your overall medical history and lifestyle, including your diet, before leading you forward for laser hair reduction. This helps in achieving the best of results while ensuring your well being.
It’s fairly clear how important the role of a hair doctor is in the process of laser hair reduction treatment. We do need to move with the times, take advantage of the conveniences that science & technology have brought along, but with due care and responsibility.

Go for laser hair reduction! There is no doubt that it is THE best choice as a permanent solution for unwanted body hair hassle. But, do it responsibly.

Go to a reputed Clinic, that has trained & certified hair doctors to consult, the best & latest of technologies handled by professional technicians and the right environment to carry out the treatment sessions in a safe manner. This would be most efficient, result-oriented and will deliver on every occasion.

Read up on our blogs on Laser Hair Reduction, be informed and take a conscious decision on your way forward! Keep watching this space for more information & updates.


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