Causes of Hair Fall – At Different Stages of Life

Causes of hair fall at different stages of life happen for different reasons; let us see what are the main causes of hairfall at different stages.

Reason for hairloss in teenagers: Kids these days are facing hair problems too which is not a good sign. Compromised nutrition is the main reason for hairloss in them. These kids follow a poor diet and have foods that lack nutrition. They hog on to junk food which does not do any good, in fact causes severe health problems and hair problems like dull and dry hair, weak follicles and so on. Then comes the age when the teenagers attain puberty and post puberty there are hormonal changes in the body which is also one of the causes of hair fall. A proper diet which is rich of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and calcium is very important in the growing years.

Causes of hairfall in young men: Most men face hairfall problem very early in life which is mainly due to stress at work front. Stress also gets acquired in the day to day life due to lots of traveling which in turn exposes one lot of dust, pollution and exposure to UV rays. This also causes lots of damage to hair and further adding to hair problems. Eating habit is also causing hairloss as men tend to eat junk food in the office which deprives him of all the nutrients that are needed for the growth of hair. Hairfall in young women is also caused due to same reasons as man other than that there are several hormonal changes in the women that makes the hair problems worst.

Causes of hair fall in elderly men: Prolonged health problem and long durations of medicines intake causes hair loss problems in them. Also age related baldness and receding hairline in elderly male is very commonly seen. Due to old age several health problems are seen in men due to which the hairfall problems exists. Hairfall issues with elderly women are also due to health ailments and mostly due to menopause which a woman gets between the age of 45 – 50 years.

There are several home remedies to control hairloss which is shared in the common people but to get the results you need to get into its cause with the help of an expert and then follow a treatment which is then effective. In fact even the severe cases of hair problem can be treated in the best way if you follow this strategy. Haircare is very important by all means. A proper care of your hair should be taken during washing, conditioning, combing and drying.

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