27 . September . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

The festive season has arrived with a bang! Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, New Year…and throw in some weddings too…all lined up! How exciting! It’s the season when you are all out browsing through fashion tips, hairdos, new clothes, jewellery, make-up hacks and making plans. Glam-up time! Your social calendar and Instagram handle is gearing up for some mega activity, ain’t it? How ready are you for your celebrations?!

Now, something that can make or break your look, is your crowning glory, your hair. How ready is your Hair for this season, may we ask? Are you ready to truly let it loose? And are you also keeping in mind the health of your hair, while you get it coloured, styled and pulled about this season?

Now, clearly, you seem to be asking these question to yourselves! With the festivities lined up just around the corner, we have been getting a lot of queries on hair care, how to keep the hair looking glossy and shiny, how to take care of it while it undergoes all that stress of styling over the next few months and so on.

So here we are, once again, with our ‘Ask the Hair Expert’ series; this time to address your queries on hair care during the festive season! And as always, apart from addressing your immediate concerns, we will also recommend you tips that just don’t work for that one awesome insta pic, but for a lifetime of good hair!

You asked: “How do I get my hair festive ready?! How do I take care of my hair from the damage of frequent styling this season?

Here’s the answer from the Hair Experts.
Regulated hair care regimen. Some TLC. And a trip to your Trichologist’s clinic!
Lo and behold, your hair is all set for the party season!

We will first run you through somethings you should be aware of about your hair, as you step into this season. We will then help you with tips on what you can do to ensure that you party and enjoy the festivities, looking your best, while staying guilt-free the hair-damage front!

What your Hair wants you to know
  • Frequent use of styling equipment like straighteners and rollers affects the hairThe first thing that you think of when thinking of styling your hair – hairdryer, straighteners, curlers, rollers… Those with curly hair want it straight and those with straight hair want it permed. What we don’t pay attention to is the damage it causes to your hair.

    When hair is straightened or curled, tremendous heat is applied to change its natural shape. A solution containing acid, which can reduce the strong disulfide cysteine bond to make the hair permeable, is used to break the bonds in hair’s keratin structure. There is considerable damage to hair in the process. Do read our blogs on hair structure, and on hairstyling concerns, to understand more about this.

  • Frequent hair colouring & the hair colour used affects the hairStreaking, chunky highlights, global highlights – it’s now about hair colouring to make style statements. It is no more an activity that one does to just cover greys! While the effect on hair is not immediately visible, there is definite cumulative damage.

    Do read our blog on how hair colouring actually works, and you will understand how it damages your hair from within. Hair colour is made to break through the layers of your hair structure, to deposit the required colour. This is done using chemical intervention and it can cause hair damage, both on the outside & internally.

  • Frequent use of hair styling gels and products affects the hairAsk yourself, ‘Why do I use these styling products?’. The answer is simple – to change the way your hair naturally looks. Any alteration to your natural hair, be in terms of shape, texture or colour, needs the hair cuticle to be lifted up/altered, for the product/equipment to deliver its result. Now, the effect you expect cannot be delivered naturally. It needs chemicals to intervene and do it for you. This damages your hair and affects its overall health. Unless you keep track of this possible damage and take proactive steps, it will lead to hair fall.
  • Erratic unhealthy diet and dehydration can lead to hair fallYour hair is what you eat. We have spoken of this on multiple blogs. What happens during the festive season and celebrations typically is that your diet becomes erratic, both in terms of what you eat and when you eat. Mealtime irregularities, dehydration and the imbalance in the nutrient-content of your party meal may both affect the metabolism, which in turn affects your hair from within.
What your Hair needs
  • Regulated Hair care routineOiling, shampooing and conditioning. Do these three right, regularly, and you will have solved half your hair worries. Using natural hair masks intermittently helps rejuvenate the hair as well. Different types of hair need different schedule and type of hair routine. Your trichologist can help you identify the regimen that is perfect for your hair. Further, the oil, shampoo, conditioner, mask or any such hair product that you use, will work best when it’s prescribed for your hair & scalp condition, rather than the mass-produced commercial ones. As we always say, one solution doesn’t fit all!
  • Regulated use of hair products and hair colourJust as you, we too would want you to look and feel your best this season. But not at the cost of damaging your hair permanently! So we ask you to exercise caution on the hair products and colours you choose to use. Try to minimise using chemical products. Have them double-checked with your trichologist if you are unsure about its ingredients and their suitability to your hair.
  • Avoid chemical treatmentsChemical treatments propagated by many salons and self-styled fashion gurus are very damaging to your hair. They cause chemical degradation of proteins and lead to abrasion of protein layers in your hair. As a result, the strength of the hair fibre is reduced, leading to various problems like dry and rough hair, split ends, dry and itchy scalp, hair breakage, loss of texture and hair loss.

    So while the festive season is upon you, and you are wanting to try out these instant-wow-hair treatments offered in salons and street-corner parlours, please do be aware of what exactly they are using. Be sure that the place you choose to get it done is trustworthy and professional. Let it not be so that your hair looks great for the day while leaving you with damaged hair for the rest of your time!

  • Measured use to hairstyling equipmentWe have spoken of how heat can damage your hair. It would be wise to use styling equipment like rollers and straighteners to the minimum. Do try to balance out the usage, along with the right hair care routine to ensure that the damage is managed. We would urge you to embrace your natural hairstyle and flaunt it the way it is – curly or straight! Short or long! If it’s healthy, it going to shine through without any added gloss and truly be your crowning glory!
  • Appropriate hairstylesDandiya night, family gatherings, outdoor functions… you are going to be gearing up for a variety of events this season. Getting your hair styled appropriately for the environment you are going to be in, can make a big difference. Also, there are certain hairstyles which pull at your hairline too much and can put a lot of strain on your hair follicles as well. So your thumb rule for hairstyle should be ‘comfort’. The right hairstyle will not only help you stay comfortable while looking your best but will also ensure that you don’t damage your hair in the process.

    Say, Garba, high humidity and open hair-do, may not be the best combination in the interest of your hair! So choose how you wear your hair for a particular event wisely. Let it be practical yet stunning!

  • HydrationWe cannot possibly assert the importance of hydration any further. We always emphasise on its important because that’s how significant it is for your hair and body. Do read our blog on the importance of hydration. While you are busy party-hopping this season, always ensure that you stay hydrated through the day.
  • Balanced dietEnsure that your daily diet is balanced, with sufficient hair foods. Hair damage caused by various factors which we have discussed above can be managed if your diet is right. It equips your hair from within to take on the strain of styling and other environmental factors. If your hair is not nourished and healthy from within, it’s damage from styling and other pressures will be much more than otherwise. And beyond a point, it will lead to severe hair fall. Eat right and you will see the health shine through your hair.
  • Tricho treatments to ensure minimum hair damage While you try and test out the various fashion hair trends this season, do give your hair the TLC it needs, and the professional way at that. Haircare and hair problems are deep-rooted in science. Superficial hair spas can perhaps help you feel good, but little do they do to truly impact your hair. In fact, many such DIY kits and salon sessions leave you with dry hair in the long run!

    To curtail the hair damage, and look your best, guilt-free, get intermittent tricho treatments done. These will help you truly revitalise your hair. Tricho treatments such as hydrotherapy add bounce to your hair and give it the nourishment it needs. If you are into hair colouring, taking up tricho treatments to tackle hair colour damage will curtail the impact of hair colours, detoxify and rejuvenate your hair.

How can a Trichologist help you?

Who knows your hair better than a trichologist? Walk-in for a hair consultation with a trichologist to help you understand your hair better, from within. You can then discuss your diet, hair care routine, products that you should/shouldn’t use and tricho treatments that can help you maintain your hair in its pink of health through this season and for life!

Unfortunately, we are in times, when every second salon stylist claims to know what’s best for you and your hair, dishing out products and sessions. Most of them do not have the necessary technical and medical know-how to guide you right and prescribe the product/treatment that’s best for your hair & scalp condition. Adding to this, there is misleading advertisements and information all around.

Do go to a reputed clinic and meet a trichologist. Have an open discussion on your expectations and put your worries to a logical end. Get professional guidance on all things hair.

Take due care of your hair, giving it the attention it needs, and you can sail through the festive season looking your best, feeling awesome, while being guilt-free of hair damage! And as we mentioned, when your hair is healthy from within, it needs little additional effort to shine through and will crown you as it should!

Keep your hair worries aside and enjoy the upcoming festivities! Do reach out to us at any point with your doubts or concerns. We are just a call away!

You can also more on the topic, on our hair care blogs, and for all things ‘Hair’, do follow our blogs on hair loss, treatments & solutions, and interesting hair trivia!

Connect with us on social media on the links below. Please leave your questions & comments, and we will address them all, just as we have done today!



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