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Hair loss does not know gender bias. We know that, don’t we? Everyone we know, male or female, have hair loss at some point or the other. Some more than the others. Some speak of it, and some don’t. Some take action on it, while some resign to it.

Question is, should you resign to it? No. Not when you have Trichology, and Trichologists, to help you with a multitude of solutions like never before. This is a field that has grown leaps and bounds over the past few decades.

One of the surefire options available to help with irreversible hair loss is surgical hair restoration or hair transplant as is commonly known. However, this is predominantly resorted to, as the last option, and mostly by men. To the extent, that it is believed that, (a) women do not go bald, and (b) hair transplant is an option only for men.

The question of the week, that we have picked to answer, is on this very topic.

So, you asked, ‘Can Hair Transplant work for women too? Is surgical hair restoration a viable option for females?’

Here’s the answer from the Hair Experts.
YES! It is indeed an option.
A professional trichologist is the right person to guide you on this!

To put it simply, Hair transplant achieves permanent natural hair restoration, be it in men or women. However, the hair loss pattern that a woman undergoes is a tad different from men. It is important to understand this difference, for you to truly comprehend the options available, the timeframe (yes, there is a duration in which a particular solution could work for you!) for each option to work and decide on the way forward. This is something that needs professional intervention, and not something that you solve with DIY tips.

For those who haven’t been following us, and also those who have been keeping up with our blogs, let’s have a quick recap on the topic, especially on hair loss & restoration in women. As mentioned above, the condition is a bit different in women and the approach, treatment or solution too will differ to that extent.

How is hair loss different in women, from men?

Hair loss in women can be in many forms or patterns. Predominantly, we categorise and analyse gender-wise as male pattern thinning/baldness (MPT) or female pattern thinning/baldness (FPT).

In the case of MPT, the pattern of hair loss is characteristically U-shaped. It starts with thinning on the crown or a receding hairline, which advances to thin the top of the head.

In the case of FPT in women, Androgenetic Alopecia appears as diffuse hair loss or thinning in the fronto-vertex (centero-parietal) region (atop of the frontal region). The frontal hairline is spared in most cases. This type of hair loss happens at a slower rate than in men, and most often happens at a much later time in life. However, the incidence of this is now on the rise in young adolescent girls. In any case, age is immaterial. It does not make it less traumatic for a woman, especially if she has had luxuriant hair before.

Depending on when you spot signs of hair & scalp trouble, and at what stage you choose to seek professional help, various solutions are available – Hairfall control treatments, hair thinning treatments, hydrotherapy, hair colour damage treatment, non-surgical hair systems and also surgical hair restoration i.e. hair transplant. An accurate diagnosis paves way for therapeutic treatments, diet & lifestyle changes and other such corrective options – all of which needs professional guidance.

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What is Hair Transplant/ Surgical Hair Restoration?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure for permanent hair restoration. The process moves hair and hair follicles from one section of your scalp called the donor site to the balding area called the recipient site.

This surgery is either done by follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplant (FUT) method or the most advanced Aesthetic Hair Implants (AHI) technique which is used at RichFeel. More questions on the concept and procedure? Click to know more.

Hair transplant can be a solution to anyone who is suffering from advanced stages of MPT or FPT, is balding and wants to regain natural hair. Men and women, beyond the age of 25 years can opt for this solution.

Are women suitable candidates for it?

This is today’s primary question. And here is your answer.

Yes. Women can very well opt for a hair transplant if the hair & scalp condition warrants it. It is not an option just for men.

It is true that the number of women who get their hair transplanted is less than men. This is due to the overall difference in the pattern of hair loss that women have, as explained above. Majority of women suffer from diffuse hair loss, and that is not something which can be solved by hair transplant.

Viability, as briefed above, would depend on the kind of hair loss you are suffering from, and the condition of your hair & scalp. The trichologist is the right person to identify whether a hair transplant could be a viable option for an individual. As we always say, one solution doesn’t fit all! Hair restoration is a very personal need, that requires a customised solution.

A suitable candidate must have enough healthy hair follicles in the donor area, that can be transplanted, and would grow out healthy in the normal course, long term.

Women who suffer from FPT and those who suffer from traction alopecia will find hair transplant to be a great solution to their concern. Many women who have had scalp injuries also opt for hair transplant, to restore the hair patch lost.

As we mentioned above, there is a common misconception that a hair transplant is an option only for men. It is not true. Women also face the issue of hair loss and balding. Hair transplants are a great way to restore hair permanently for someone with irreversible hair loss and thinning.

Women, who suffer from diffuse hair loss, globally throughout their scalp, will not make good candidates for a transplant. There are however multiple options and treatments that are available to tackle diffuse hair loss.

Women who undergo hair loss due to genetic predisposition, medical conditions such as PCOS, Thyroid disorders or have gone through a pregnancy, can take the support of suitable hair treatments to address the reversible hair loss triggered by such events. Timely intervention and right guidance can make all the difference. You need a trained professional to correctly diagnose the root problem, read the symptoms right and guide you with the treatment that’s suitable for you specifically.

Which is the best method/ technique of Hair Transplant?

The best hair transplant method depends on an individual case. An expert surgeon can take a call as to which method suits you best, as per your donor area configuration and scalp condition. But looking into patient compatibility, generally, AHI, moreover ‘No Shave Technique’ scores highest. It practically has negligible downtime and the patient can resume routine shortly after the procedure. There is also less tissue damage and hence the overall healing time and pain are minimal.

Women, in particular, find the ‘No Shave Technique’ appealing as they do not have to shave their head for getting the transplant done. With this technique, the transition looks absolutely natural, with no on even realising that you have undergone a hair transplant surgery! Whether one can opt for this specific method is decided upon after due consultation with the surgeon.

Click here to know more about the various techniques and what would be the best choice. As always, we urge our readers to make well-informed decisions. Here is a quick checklist of must-knows about hair transplant and also how it’s done at RichFeel.

Hair loss and balding in men is somehow seen as something that is ‘expected’ or ‘normal’. And when it happens to a woman, even after becoming a senior citizen, it is seen as ‘unnatural’ or ‘concerning’, creating a fair psychological discomfort in her. There are ways and means to address this. And we believe this has been clarified to you on this page today.

With that, we sign off for now! For more on hair transplants and for all things ‘Hair’, do follow our blogs on hair loss, hair care, treatments and solutions and interesting hair trivia!

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